Johnny Morris Gold Series
Models Available:
JMG10SHLA : SUPER SPEED LEFT-HAND Gear Ratio 7.1:1/Line Rec.31”
JMG10HA : RIGHT-HAND Gear Ratio 6.4:1/Line Rec.28”
Comes with reel storage box & one pair of spare rubber thumb/knob.
Price : RM720 (exclusive courier charges)

Prepare to experience the ultimate in fine tuning. The Johnny Morris Gold Series is the result of taking everything known about a high-performance, high-quality baitcaster and refining it to bring you a high-performance reel that’s extremely lightweight. We started inside and redesigned the spool, drive gears, and crank shaft to be as light as possible, crafting them from hard anodized super-light-aircraft-grade Duralumin. The 11-bearing system puts you right on the cutting edge of fishing technology with two German stainless steel double shielded ball bearings, eight stainless steel double shielded ball bearings, and a Powerlock instant anti-reverse bearing.

Johnny Morris Gold Series
Models Available:
Price : RM369 (exclusive courier charges)

This is the reel our customers and pro staff have been waiting for since we introduced Mag Spool Technology. Our revolutionary approach to spinning reel performance has received so much fanfare in the time since, with good reason. Now it’s time to see what it can really do. Imagine longer casting, smoother line pickup with less memory, exhanced drag efficiency and greatly reduced line twist… Our lightweight, extra-wide diameter spool achieves all this and more, and by incorporating these performance characteristics into our very finest reel, we’ve pushed the system to the very limits of refinement.
Based on customer feedback found across the internet, from actual users of this product, we have given this product the following rating:
Models Available:
Price : RM85 (exclusive courier charges)


 ProLite Finesse
Models Available:
Price : RM477 (exclusive courier charges)

Actual Customer Feedback: "When holding this reel in my hand It feels super light. The drag is smooth and it casts very well. I was worried at first because it is so light but after catching multiple 6+ pounders I am confident that it will hold up for years to come." Portion of actual user review from

CarbonLite™ CL10H Baitcast Reel
Models Available:
Price : RM450 (exclusive courier charges)
Line Capacity/Line Recovery : 12 LB/125 YDS/29”
Reel Weight/Gear Ratio/Drag Power : 6.7 OZ/6.4:1/8 LB

"I just picked up the left hand version CL10HL at the Pearland, TX store.  Initial impressions are that it is very light, smooth, and a very good looking reel. I have a Pro Qualifer with the DBS, so I know it will cast really well. I like the carbon handle and the EVA knobs. These are the same type of knobs as on the $280 REVO Premier! I plan on mounting this on my St. Croix Legend Tournament "topwater" rod for a nice and light combo. The colors will clash mightily, but I don’t care. I will be smiling anyway!"
RCX Power Fishing Baitcast Reels

Models Available:
RCX10HE : 7.1:1/31”/10 LB DRAG POWER
RCX10SHE : 6.4:1/28”/10 LB DRAG POWER
Price : RM405 (exclusive courier charges)

The pros will tell you, power fishing is more about mindset than it is about gear. Covering water, maintaining confidence, and being fearless at the point of attack are all parts of this winning approach. That said, having the right tools feeds right into all of the above. The RCX Baitcaster is perfect for this system because it gives you the ability to ”power-fish” any technique, with the expectation to succeed—and that can make all the difference. It’s built on a one-piece anodized aluminum frame, with a deep machined-aluminum spool; the quality eight-bearing system features double-shielded stainless steel

Overall Rating:
MegaCast® Baitcast Reel

Models Available:
MCX10HD/RIGHT-HAND  : Gear Ratio/Line Rec.: 6.3:1/28”
Price : RM176 (exclusive courier charges)

MegaCast Baitcaster Reel is now more palmable than ever with lightweight features like our recurve handle and graphite frame. It’s also never been smoother with a 4-bearing system and 10-position magnetic braking system. Other features include 6.3:1 gearing, machined-aluminum spool, Powerlock™ instant anti-reverse, 12 lbs. of drag power and a smooth star drag.

Overall Rating:
Ocean Master® Lever Drag Reels
Picture shown (old model)..NOW with NEW ERGONOMIC HANDLE KNOB
click this link
  • One-piece graphite frame with hard anodized aluminum sideplate rings
  • Gold-anodized, forged aluminum spool
  • Six sealed, stainless steel ball bearings
  • Heat-dissipating carbon fiber drag with aluminum retainer
  • Stainless steel handle with oversized knob for comfort and extra leverage
  • Brass drive gear and stainless steel pinion gear
  • Loud bait clicker
  • Precision lever drag with up to 22 lbs. max drag power

Our popular lever drag reel is now available in three class sizes, to give you the opportunity to pursue big game with lighter tackle—and still enjoy the uncompromising performance of a quality multi-species reel. Sleek and modern, tough and very smooth, these reels are built to take the day in, day out pounding of your quest. Features include a one-piece graphite frame with hard anodized aluminum sideplate rings; gold-anodized, forged aluminum spool; six sealed, stainless steel ball bearings; heat-dissipating carbon fiber drag with aluminum retainer; stainless steel handle with oversized knob for comfort and extra leverage; brass drive gear and stainless steel pinion gear; loud bait clicker; and precision lever drag with up to 22 lbs. max drag power. With that handsome black carbon finish and gold accents, these reels will look, feel, and handle like champs, every time out.

Models Available:
OML-15C : Line Cap.25 LBS/250 YDS Price : RM373   (exclusive courier charges)
OML-20C : Line Cap.30 LBS/380 YDS Price : RM392   (exclusive courier charges)
OML-25C : Line Cap.30 LBS/540 YDS Price : RM410   (exclusive courier charges)

Quantum CaboPT Saltwater

Corrosive sea water and big, super-aggressive fish spell trouble for ordinary tackle. That’s why Quantum engineers intentionally overbuilt this rugged line of light saltwater reels, with an exclusive Saltgard 6-layer protective finish, custom polymer/stainless bearings, heat-defeating ceramic drags and ultra-smooth PT gears bathed in Hot Sauce lubricant. The goal? Zero chance for failure. Ever.

  • Solid, one-piece aluminum frame and sidecover
  • Forged aluminum concave spool
  • Saltgard 6-layer corrosion protection finish
  • Guaranteed unbreakable TiMag salt magnetic bail system with magnetic bail trip
  • Forged brass/stainless gearing
  • up to 10-bearing system
  • MAGLOK magnetic Continuous Anti-Reverse
  • multi-stack Magnum ceramic drag
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Includes neoprene reel bag and wrench/knot tool



Gear Ratio

Line Cap.






 140 yds. / 6 lb.


 Out of stock




 160 yds. / 8 lb.


 Out of stock




 230 yds. / 10 lb.






 225 yds. / 12 lb.


 Out of stock




 240 yds. / 14 lb.






 310 yds. / 17 lb.


 Out of stock




 330 yds. / 20 lb.




Quantum Catalyst PTs Inshore Saltwater

Quantum® Catalyst PTs Inshore Saltwater Spinning Reels feature Saltgard™ six-layer corrosion protection, ThinLine™ aluminum body and side-cover, TiMAG™ Salt titanium bail with magnetic tip, stacked ceramic front-adjustable drag, nine polymer stainless hybrid PT bearings, and Continuous Anti-Reverse™.

Overall Rating:

Models Available:
CI20PTSB : Line Cap.6 LB/140 YDS : Gear Ratio/5.3:1
CI30PTSB : Line Cap.8 LB/160 YDS : Gear Ratio/5.3:1
Price : RM504 (exclusive courier charges)
Quantum Kevin VanDam Signature Series

The Quantum Kevin VanDam Signature Series Baitcaster Reel was made for the highest-performing bass angler on the planet, in three separate gear ratios to fit every possible fishing situation. Built on a sleek low-profile frame, Quantum’s Kevin VanDam Signature Series Reel has 10 stainless steel bearings including a strong, zero-play Continuous Anti-Reverse roller bearing for eye-crossing hooksets. The exclusive ACS cast control system offers precise adjustability via an external dial, so you can adapt quickly to the most demanding conditions–no need to fiddle with sidecovers and weights.  Based on customer feedback found across the internet, from actual users of this product, we have given this product the following rating:
Models Available:
KVD1001HXD/LEFT-HAND RETRIEVE : Line Cap. 12 LB/125 YARDS: Gear Ratio/Line Rec./Reel Weight 7.0:1/29”/9.0 OZ
KV1000HXD/RIGHT-HAND RETRIEVE : Line Cap. 12 LB/125 YARDS: Gear Ratio/Line Rec./Reel Weight 7.0:1/29”/9.0 OZ
Price : RM501 (exclusive courier charges)
Quantum Tour Edition PT Series
Only 7.5 ounces with 11 bearings—we call that a major overhaul! The Quantum Tour Edition PT Baitcast Reel features scratch-resistant titanium vacuum deposition coating, 11 PT bearings, ACS II external adjustable centrifugal braking; dual PT bearing Continuous Anti-Reverse; CNC machined-aluminum frame, and lightweight carbon fiber crank handle.  Based on customer feedback found across the internet, from actual users of this product, we have given this product the following rating:
Models Available:
TE100HPT RIGHT-HAND RETRIEVE: Line Cap. 12 LB/110 YDS/18 LB DRAG POWER : Gear Ratio/Line Rec./Reel Weight 7.0:1/29”/9.0 OZ
TE101HPT LEFT-HAND RETRIEVE: Line Cap. 12 LB/110 YDS/18 LB DRAG POWER : Gear Ratio/Line Rec./Reel Weight 7.0:1/29”/9.0 OZ
Price : RM855 (exclusive courier charges)


Quantum® Energy® PT Baitcast Reels


Models Available:

Quantum Energy PT (E760PT) Specifications

Line Capacity (lb/yds) 12/125
Gear Ratio 6.3:1
IPT 26.1
Weight 9.5 oz
Bearings 7BB, 1RB
Additional Features CNC machined aluminum frame, sidecovers, and support, MaxCast ultralight skeletal spool, ceramic drag system, Infinite ACS centrifugal cast control, Dual PT bearing Continuous Anti-Reverse, Polymer-stainless hybrid PT bearings, Ceramic Zirconia levelwind system, Super Free Spool pinion, titanium vacuum deposition coating, cold-forged 1-piece capless screw-on handle
Price : RM855 (exclusive courier charges)


Quantum Energy PT (E760PT) Ratings (?/10)


A solid new frame with durable components including the scratch-resistant titanium vacuum deposition coating


Casts are now more controlled and can be fined tuned with the variable cast control system that has a wide range. Retrieves are smooth and more powerful at higher speeds than before. The overall package is higher performing and better than the older model


With the redesign and upgrades, the Energy PT still comes in at under $200 for this high-end baitcast reel


Sports many advances that provide the performance and quality that makes up this reel such as the new Infinite ACS centrifugal cast control system

Design (Ergonomics)

With the increased gear, solid cold-forged handle, and other new components, the reel received a slight increase in weight which we would like to see reduced in future designs. Though heavier it can still feel right when balanced with the right rod like our Ultra XL


This is an awesome bass reel but can handle landlocked stripers without a problem


Total Score



Quantum Tour Edition TE1170PT

Price : RM702(exclusive courier charges)


Daiwa Coastal Inshore

Tough inshore saltwater game fish and conditions can put ordinary spinning reels out of commission in a hurry. But Daiwa’s Coastal™ Inshore models are no ordinary reels. Every material and component—from the rugged aluminum frame, to the seven corrosion resistant CRBB ball bearings, to the ultra-consistent waterproof drag—have been carefully selected with these special demands in mind. Features 8 bearings (7 CRBB™, 1 roller), multi-disc precision drag, DigiGear™ digital gearing, tubular stainless Air Bail™ for strength and light weight, Twist Buster® line twist reduction, Advanced Locomotive Levelwind, Infinite Anti-Reverse®, long casting ABS™ aluminum spool. A spare aluminum spool is included.

  • Seven CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings, plus roller bearing
  • Waterproof, multi-disc precision drag
  • Digigear™ digital gearing for a super smooth, powerful retrieve
  • Tubular stainless Air Bail®—strong yet extremely light
  • Twist Buster® line twist reduction
  • Advanced Locomotive Levelwind
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Long-casting ABS aluminum spool
  • Spare aluminum spool

Price : RM505(exclusive courier charges)

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